PER management sets strategic goals to promote on-going success to the company as well as our customers and affiliated partners; whilst continuing to oversee day-to-day operations.

PER Management recognises the importance of being a responsible, ethical firm operating with honesty and integrity; whilst promoting the firm’s core “as PER” values and standards.

Pramod Gundla is the co-founder of ‘PramodER Constructions’. He is responsible for leading the firm’s strategic operations, vision, values and culture.

Pramod graduated from Bournemouth University in England, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering and has since built an extensive range of experience in a vast number of areas including project management, financial risk, team leadership and strategic planning and execution.

Prior to venturing into the construction sector and establishing ‘PramodER Constructions’, Pramod worked within the banking sector in London, United Kingdom for 10 years. Having lived, invested, and worked alongside engineers, entrepreneurs, bankers and investors across diverse regions and backgrounds, Pramod has been able to bring a unique first-hand experience to the construction sector, without the subsequent risks and barriers, and has driven the company to succeed in the highly competitive construction industry.

Pramod’s success, failures and detours have provided him with a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges around investing, execution and entrepreneurship that one may face in countries with different economic environments, legal regimes and differing cultural attitudes regarding investments, risk and failure.

Hüseyin Er is the co-founder and Chairman of ‘PramodEr Constructions’; and has spent the last 30 years in the Construction sector as the sole owner of ‘Er İnşaat’ (founded in the year 1990). During his career at ‘Er İnşaat’, Hüseyin has overseen and successfully executed hundreds of projects within the construction sector specifically, sandwich panels, seem roof and cladding applications.

Over these 30 years, Hüseyin has won multiple awards from ‘Er İnşaat’ suppliers and customers; and it is Hüseyin’s drive, enthusiasm and commitment to his customers, along with his proven ability to build strong relationships, which brings significant value to both consumers and partners.