At PER we value the quality finish of our work and as such we have partnered together with some of the best companies in the construction business in order to deliver the best possible results to our clientele.

We have teamed up with some of the most skilled design and project implementation departments in the country in order to provide the most tailored and customer orientated products and services whilst conforming to global directives.

Working in partnership with our dedicated PER design team consisting of a range of expert draftsmen, engineers, architects, project managers etc we are consistently able to produce impacting results.

Utilising the best methodology available such as 3D Modelling during the design phase means that we at PramodER Constructions mitigate the potential for errors to the best of our capability. Our design and drawing phases are completed using fully licensed, state of the art industry standard as well as internally developed software.

At PER we have taken great care in order to conform to construction standards globally specifically the standards required for the U.S, the EU and Asia to name a few.
These include but are not limited to:
TS498, TS500, TS648, TS4561, TS3357, IBC 2009, AISC 2008, SDI, SNIP.


With the cooperation of our affiliated partner, PER has a production capacity of 2500 to 3000 tonnes per month on a 30,000 m² open space and 13,500 m² closed space; not only this but our operational factory is fully equipped with the newest and latest machinery which is complimented by highly skilled factory workers.


PramodER Constructions facilitates one of the most expert installation services on the market for high quality steel structures. At PER we have the added benefit of providing all our services in house meaning smooth coordination within project management as well as efficiency with regards to time scales and costs, whilst maintaining occupational safety requirements are complied with.


PramodER Constructions’ project management team consists of highly skilled and experienced experts within the industry. With our project management services PramodER Constructions can help you to reduce any potential risks, prevent both technical /non- technical errors, control the project budgets and effectively keep your project within the planned schedule.