Conventional Steel Structures

At PramodER Construction we have vast level of knowledge in utilising steel structure as an effective construction system. This is where the load-bearing systems are made of steel beams and plates and has proven to be one of the most popular systems in use today especially in areas at risk of natural disasters due to the increased safety features. The superior mechanical characteristics of the steel construction system, along with the static capabilities and ease of application means a faster, more reliable and more economic overall structure and the evidence of this can be seen in the construction of industrial facilities, warehouses, entrepots, plants, multi-storey buildings, business and shopping centres, hotels, bridges as well as stadiums right across the EU.

Steel is known to be very convenient and a flexible solution for architectural, electrical and mechanical problems.

Another benefit of the use of steel structures is the fabrication factor which occurs in plants before being installed on building sites. This ensures that unpredictable variables such as weather conditions etc do not interfere with the progress or quality of the finished product.

An additional pro to the use of steel structures is the ability to dissemble and reassemble the structures when and where required. This enables easier modification and reinforcement (if necessary, with time). However, one of the most appreciated qualities of steel structures today is the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, minimises water contamination risks and is highly reusable.


At PER we provide you with an array of top-quality aluminium facade structures built using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. This varied range includes the delivery of a selection of both surface and internal building materials e.g. metal panel sheet claddings, glass structures, complimentary items and lightweight steel structures to name a few.

Corrugated Sheets

At PramodER Constructions, we provide our customers with single layer corrugated sheets as roof and wall coatings, at affordable prices, in cases where thermal insulation is not necessary in order to be more cost and time efficient

These single layer corrugated sheets from PramodER Constructions, can be applied using the sandwich system with application of two plates of insulation materials. Glasswool, rockwool, extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane sheets can be used in this application as insulation material.

Single layer corrugated sheets can be produced as dyed aluminium aside from dyed galvanized sheet, non-dyed galvanized sheet.

Sandwich Panels

PER has extensive knowledge and experience in providing both off the shelf and custom-made sandwich panels and assembling services through its sister company – ErInsaat which has been one of the market leaders in Turkey for the last 20 years. Through this partnership with such a renowned sandwich panel manufacturer; PER has special access to tailor made products at competitive and affordable rates.

Sandwich panels are composite materials produced of two dyed Galvanized or Aluminium corrugated plates filled (with PIR, PUR, Rock wool) for thermal insulation. Sandwich panels set the outer shell of the buildings in an aesthetic and affordable way by providing thermal, water and sound insulation without the need for any coating such as plaster or dye.

Sandwich panelling is an economical solution when assessed within the context of cost-benefit analysis.

SIN Beams

Zbs Alfacelik is a PER partner and the patent owner and the inventor of the Current SIN Beams form; and we have “unique” access to both fabricates SIN Beams and manufactures equipment that fabricates SIN Beams.

Through PER partners we provide our clientele with SIN Beam Technology – fully automated assembling and welding of corrugated web beams. The SIN Beam Technology consists of support with regards to:

– installation and trial run of the machine in our partner facilities before delivery
– relevant training for operators and engineers on the SIN Beam technology
– provision of customised software for immediate applications of SIN Beams at requisite country
– consultancy service for SIN Beam projects in the initial period of SIN Beam production

Corrugated web beams – SIN Beams may be used as beams (roof or slab beams, structural beams) or as components subject to normal forces (columns or frame columns) virtually without structural limitations.

Thin Sinusoidal Corrugated-Web I-Sections, are load-bearing elements that are manufactured by joining sinusoidal corrugated-web with the flanges that are manufactured by hot-milled plates. Although these webs are thin, due to the advantages of their forms, they can be used to fabricate wide-web sections, without any need for stiffening plates. The sinusoidal form of the web prevents local and overall buckling due to loss of stability before plastic limit load is applied.

Use of SIN Beams, which is wide among many companies in Europe, is becoming more popular throughout the world. SIN Beams, which are mostly preferred in long-span constructions such as shopping centres, plants, warehouses, bridges etc., despite the lightweight sections, facilitates higher strength due to its thin and wider webs. The state-of-the-art SIN Beams are an economic solution in long-span construction, minimizes fabrication periods and have higher load-bearing capacities. The material and time losses caused in ordinary welding process are eliminated by means of computer assisted fully automatic production line, and shorter of welding (welding 1m per minute) means also shorter spans of delivery.
Accordingly, when compared to conventional solutions, SIN Beams advantageous due to;
• Higher load-bearing capacity and lower design load,
• Being more economic in long-span constructions,
• Contribution to building height,
• Optimum weight in applicable building height,
• Minimum losses in production,
• Fully automatic production and shorter spans of delivery.