At PramodER Constructions we have a vast level of knowledge in utilising steel structures into effective construction systems. This is where the load-bearing systems are made of steel beams and plates and has proven to be one of the most popular systems in use today (especially in areas at risk of natural disasters) due to the increased safety features. The superior mechanical characteristics of the steel construction system, along with the static capabilities and ease of application means a faster, more reliable and more economic overall structure and the evidence of this can be seen in the construction of industrial facilities, warehouses, entrepots, plants, multi-storey buildings, business and shopping centres, hotels, bridges as well as stadiums right across the EU.

Steel is known to be a very convenient building material and flexible solution for architectural, electrical and mechanical problems.

Another benefit of the use of steel structures is the fabrication factor which occurs in plants before being installed on building sites. This ensures that unpredictable variables such as weather conditions etc do not interfere with the progress or quality of the finished product.

An additional pro to the use of steel structures is the ability to dissemble and reassemble the structures when and where required. This enables easier modification and reinforcement (if necessary, with time). However, one of the most appreciated qualities of steel structures today is the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, minimises water contamination risks and is highly reusable.